Autumn Opulence

Vibrant Hollyhocks last flush

Subdued Solomon's Seal

Geranium cups without their flowers ....

Rich pink John Davis shrub roses in their last full flush

The still green foliage of shrub roses against multicoloured Cotoneaster

Deep shell pink berries of the Coralberry shrub in dappled sunlight

Deep purple-black, plum and green leaves of a Virginia Creeper vine

Empimedium (bottom left); clematis vine above; brown sharply lobed leaves of Snakeroot (right) and beautiful cup shaped Brunnera (bottom right)

Clematis vines on the lilacs on the left side of the gate and shrub roses and cottoneaster on the right

Deep rose and green Elephant ears on a bed of softly spiked Campanula. Sharply cut leaves of Geraniums in the foreground

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  1. I would share that we can put outdoor decorative wind spinners to this place to look more vivid.