The Garden in Spring

Well, I thought I would post some pics of my garden as I have received a lot of pleasure digging and planning and moving things about. Most of these pics were taken in late spring so the some of the early blooming plants are in the late stages of flowering while some other plants haven't even fully roused themselves from their winter sleep yet. Overall in my garden I am aiming for primarily a foliage garden with spots of color here and there, mostly blues, lavenders and pinks. Overall. There are always exceptions here and there too. I love the tranquil feel and beautiful color of various blue tones in foliage so most of my plants do have blue tones in their leaves or flowers or the color of their foliage works well with blues (I think). I have made a little footpath through the garden so that I can get in and weed it when I feel the need or want. So many people think that one's garden is very limited for plant material in Calgary gardens (zone 3). But there are so many lovely inspiring gardens here. While it is true we do not have as wide a plant selection as many other places there are many wonderful plants that thrive here.
One of the things I always wish is that photographs of gardens came with guides indicating what plants and shrubs are in them so I decided to include the names of the plants below the photographs. If some are unclear or if you wish more detail about a certain plant please email me and I would be happy to share any info I can. The garden gives me a lot of pleasure and hopefully these pics will convey the nature and feel of what I am trying to achieve. There are far more blooms in the spring than the rest of the season but there are a few very long blooming shrubs and perennials in there as well. Smatterings of soft color just enhance a garden I think without overwhelming the eye or senses.
So here is my garden - it is my desire to have a peaceful, calm naturalistic feel, like.  A little wild. A little unpredictable, always lovely ...

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